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  • About DNI
  • The scientists of DermaCare Neuroscience Institute are experts in the science of aging. They discovered a signal peptide named DNP™ that is responsible for the health and maintenance of skin development in human fetuses and babies. DNP™ is one of the ingredients exclusively available in the topical anti-aging serum skincare product Nevaline™. Nevaline™ helps improve the appearance of aging facial skin and enhances its natural cell turnover.
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    9595 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 900
    Beverly Hills, CA 90212
    T: 1-310-271-78888   F: 1-310-271-7831

    Customer Support: 1-866-DNI-9889 (1-866-364-9889)

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  • The DNI logo takes its inspiration from growth patterns found in nature. The logo consists of three spirals moving clockwise and five spirals moving counterclockwise. The resulting intersections of spirals evoke neural networks and pathways while the dots represent cascading messages along those pathways.

    In mathematics, there is a series of numbers called the Fibonacci sequence. Each number in the sequence is determined by adding together the previous two: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89...

    The ratio of adjacent numbers in the sequence progressively approaches 1:1.618.

    This ratio, incidentally, is known as the golden section. Some claim that there is a natural proclivity for man to be drawn towards art, architecture, and artifacts that exhibit this proportion.

    Golden section proportions can be found throughout historically significant man-made works (e.g. Stonehenge, the Parthenon, works by Le Corbusier), as well as in the natural world in the growth patterns of plants, animals, and insects.

    This can be seen, for example, in the spiral growth patterns of sunflower seeds. There are two sets of spirals: 21 spirals move clockwise while 34 move counterclockwise. In pinecones, 8 spirals move clockwise while 13 spirals move counterclockwise.

    The DNI logo takes its inspiration from these patterns.

  • FAQ
    1. We look older because we are getting older. Isn’t this just a fact of life that we have little ability to change?
      Yes and no. If we study and understand the science of aging, we can take measures to prevent the damage caused by the complex biologic aging process. Aging damage is due to factors such as stress, environmental toxins, inflammation, oxidation, free radicals, UV radiation, the depletion of our natural expression of Hyaluronic acid, overexpression of degrading enzymes, DNA alteration and Extra Cellular Matrix disintegration.
    2. Can DNP™ be effective at inhibiting or reversing the effects of these factors?
      Yes. DNP™ has been proven to be effective at inhibiting or reversing the factors that contribute to aging damage. Instead of formulating ingredients from plant extracts, Nevaline contains a very high and efficacious amount of DNP™ which is a human signaling peptide modulating different processes for the development and protection of healthy skin.
    3. How long does it take for Nevaline to work?
      Nevaline works immediately on the cellular upon topical application. Nevaline helps prevent further aging damage, slows down aging effects, repairs aging damage, and may even reverse aging effects. You can feel and see a difference in about four to eight weeks. Continue to use Nevaline daily to combat the on-going aging process.
    4. Can you demonstrate the repair effect of aging?
      First we have to understand the Science of Aging and the multiple empirical data presented by Nevaline. DNI’s website,, shows videos of sunburn volunteers. Sunburn is a form of accelerating aging due to photodamage. When applied, Nevaline combats the photodamage and provides anti-inflammatory and pain/redness relief on the treated area. Untreated areas suffer dramatic and acute cell death as evidenced by peeling skin. Inflammation is the effect of the destruction of connective tissues and cells caused by the build up of free radicals.
    5. Can I use Nevaline with sunscreen?
      Yes. After washing your face with warm water, apply Nevaline first, and then apply sunscreen. Always re-apply Nevaline before you re-apply sunscreen.
    6. Can I use Nevaline with other skin care products?
      Yes. Nevaline should first be applied and absorbed into the skin before the application of other products.
    7. Can I use Nevaline with foundation and make up?
      Yes. After washing your face with warm water, apply Nevaline first, and then apply your favorite foundation and make up.
    8. Do I still need to use moisturizer after applying Nevaline?
      Most people are happy with the way their skin feels after applying Nevaline and do not require additional moisturizer. However, you can also use your favorite moisturizer after applying Nevaline. Nevaline will complement your moisturizer.
    9. Is Nevaline for all skin types including sensitive skin?
      Yes. Nevaline is very gentle. It does not contain any harsh chemicals or ingredients such as hydroquinone. Nevaline is non-allergenic, uses the best natural ingredients, and does not contain any artificial fragrance.
    10. How often should I use Nevaline?
      We recommend using Nevaline twice daily after washing.
    11. How long will a box of Nevaline last?
      One box of Nevaline provides approximately 4-6 weeks of use depending on frequency of use and amount applied.
    12. Will it stain my clothing?
    13. Will Nevaline make my skin shiny?
      No. Nevaline is a serum that is not greasy and will not look shiny on your skin.
    14. Can I use Nevaline after laser, Thermage, or other microdermabrasion treatments?
      Yes. Nevaline can be used before and after these procedures. Ask your dermatologist or treatment specialist to use Nevaline PRO, a clinical grade product only available for use by doctors and skincare professionals. If Nevaline PRO is applied immediately before and after treatment, recovery time should be significantly reduced. Continuing home application of Nevaline Renewal Anti-Aging Serum should complement the effect of your treatment.
    15. Can I use Nevaline on my eyelids?
      Yes. Take care to keep Nevaline out of your eyes.
    16. Does Nevaline really work?
      Yes. Nevaline repairs aging-related damage, diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and increases firmness and suppleness of skin.
    17. Does Nevaline simply fill in the fine lines and wrinkles to make the face appear smoother?
      No. Nevaline works with your body to produce more Hyaluronic acid and collagen and to improve the skin’s extracellular matrix (ECM) to increase the firmness and suppleness of your skin. This reduces (flattens) the fine lines and wrinkles.
    18. Is Nevaline different from other products?
      Yes. Nevaline is absolutely different. Only Nevaline contains the human regulatory signal peptide DNP™.
    19. How does a topical application of Nevaline work on the skin?
      The extreme small size of DNP™ and the liposome formulation in Nevaline brings the active ingredients deep into your skin.
    20. How should Nevaline be stored?
      Nevaline can be stored at room temperature.
  • FAQ
  • What is the Nevaline Dermaceutic Program for Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists and Skincare Professional?
    1. We are dedicated to delivering superior patient outcomes and experience and to supporting you for growing your practice.
    2. Topical application of Nevaline PRO containing clinical dose of DNP™ immediately before and after invasive or microdermabrasion treatments reduces inflammation, redness, and discomfort from in-office procedures.
    3. Nevaline PRO eliminates or significantly mitigates the irritation commonly associated with effective treatment. Nevaline helps with fast recovery, reduces social downtime after treatments, and enhances the treatment intended effects as well.
    4. The office can dispense Nevaline Renewal or even PRO Anti-Aging products for home use to help patients maintain results long-term.
    5. Creates satisfied patients who come back for more treatments.
    6. An Affiliate Practitioner can enjoy volume discount in purchasing Nevaline products. Please contact us by email:
  • What is Nevaline and why does it work for anti-aging?
    1. The active ingredient DNP™ in Nevaline PRO and Nevaline Renewal Anti-Aging Serum is not available in any other commercial skincare products.
    2. DNP™ is a breakthrough in anti-aging science.
    3. DNP™ is a proprietary development stage Master Regulator Peptide discovered by DermaCareNeuroScienceInstitute (DNI) scientists.
    4. DNP™ is a human signal peptide that is only expressed in human babies. DNP™ is not a plant extract or petroleum extract.
    5. Nevaline contains a very high efficacious amount of DNP™ modulating different processes of skin development and protection.
    6. DNI has conducted many scientific studies with significant topical clinical evidences confirming the topical efficacy of DNP™ and Nevaline in combating aging: anti-inflammation, anti-oxidation, anti-photodamage, free radical scavengers, stimulates Hyaluronic Acid expression, inhibits release of degrading enzymes, and regulates Extra Cellular matrix of the facial skin.